The Colours Show

A colour filled tale of transformation

This highly interactive children’s show is a poetic metaphor for exploring differences. It’s an inclusive, playful journey, which invites children to create rainbows from opinionated primary colours. As they engage with this tale of transformation, their actions drive the story to a celebratory conclusion.

The show’s up close and immersive format encourages children to invest in the characters, the story and beyond the show into an exploration of colour theory, with a new visceral and theatrical intrigue.

The Colours show has been created as a highly portable theatre piece for festivals and can be adapted for a variety of venues and stage configurations indoors and outdoors.

This Show has accompanying workshops and teachers notes.

Duration: 50 minutes  |  Age Recommendation: 2-8 years


Writer, Director, Designer: Valley Lipcer
Contributing Writer: Duncan Maurice
Costumes: Leanne Pedder
Performers: Simone O’Brien | Tora Crockford | Gabrielle Griffin | Neil Young
Previous Performers: Claudie Frock | Leif Lyall | Kimberly McKyntyre | Cherie Hughes


Versions of the show have been presented at Mackay Arts Festival | Cairns Festival | Lismore Art Gallery | Artstate Lismore | The Arty Party Lismore | Surfers Paradise Festival  &  Pacific Fair shopping centre.


Thank you so very much for inviting Coffee Camp School to your stellar production of Colours during the Lismore arts week. We all found your interpretation of the theatre medium extremely educational, versatile and (of course) entertaining!

Here are some quotes from my students:”It was cool and colourful!””Colours speak louder than words.””Very artistic””Lovely and colourful.””The colours really spoke to me.””It was so nice to meet the primary colours.”

Ray Crane
Teacher, Coffee Camp School

The Colours Show was programmed as a key feature of Artstate’s site-specific arts program presented in Lismore in December 2017. The work was specifically selected to showcase Roundabout Theatre’s immersive child-led theatre practice. The experiential work is a sophisticated escape into the hyper-real imagination of the under 8’s, stitched together by a strong narrative and stunning set design by Valley Lipcer. The combined effect is like diving into a kaleidoscope of colour and vivid joy

Marisa Snow
Artstate, Creative Director

I took my nine year old daughter and her friend to see ‘Colours’ at  ‘A Wonder-full day ‘ in Lismore. We were all excited by it’s uniqueness and high level of production, and how it engaged children of all ages and their parents. Well done Roundabout Theatre! ‘

Kim Brisbane