Co- Created with Caleb Lewis for the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore and NORPA.

DURATION:  1 hour performance + 45 minutes interactive puzzles and games

AGE: Stage 2 Primary School

Part immersive theatre, part game and part quirky research project. A highly original work and an exciting journey into history through imagination and wonder.

‘The Underlibrary’ entices the young audience into a rescue mission.  The adventure begins with the arrival of postcards and artefacts sent from different periods of time in history in the lead up to the in-school performance.

On the day of the performance the children are introduced to Zelda who shares the story of a librarian called Mr Finch and her missing brother Albus. Zelda then asks the children to help her solve a number of puzzles to gather clues that will help her find her brother and restart history!


A NORPA production in partnership with Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore. Co-created by Valley Lipcer and Julian Louis.

DURATION:  1 hour

AGE: Stage 3 / Years 5 & 6 primary school

Journey to an unnamed world was an innovative immersive theatre work Roundabout Theatre Artistic Director Valley Lipcer made in 2016 with NORPA and The Catholic Schools Office.

Over 500 Stage 4 students from across the Northern Rivers attended the show and experienced the transformation of the entire bottom floor of Lismore City Hall into the theatrical adventure of full of  tunnels, squeaky pipe rooms, upside down rooms, bubbling vats inside a bizarre laboratory, balloon trees and singing suitcases. 

The show experience and pre and post show collateral was meticulously designed to ignite the students imagination in a visceral multilayered way and to coincide with book week and other literacy activities.