A tiny magical adventure hunt 

Find and seek… glittering trails to tiny doors, tongue twisters and riddles, magical letter boxes, bird songs, twigs with a twist, colourful leaves that crackle and heavenly scented flowers.

A very special adventure hunt designed for families and friends to experience together, intimately, in their own time and at their own pace. Easily adaptable for any public space.

Duration:  30 – 45minutes Age recommendation: 2-9yrs and the young at heart


Deep underground, right beneath the town of Lismore (and unknown to the human inhabitants of Lismore ) there has lived, for thousands of years, a community of tiny magical beings called The Miniatures. During the last floods, cracks and portals throughout the city were opened up by the power of the water and an amazing thing has happened: the Miniatures have found pathways into the Up-top land of Lismore.

A very brave Miniature called Mirabelle was the first to find her way up and is busy making doorways for her friends to come up through.  Mirabelle would like to invite the (small) Giants of the Up-top land to play a game she is setting up in the Quad.



‘A truly enchanting magical experience for myself and all the smaller humans I took along. They are still talking about it and weaving their own imaginings with yours. Thank you for this gift to our community.’

Kylie Gartside

‘My kids still talk about Mirabelle all the time! They saw what they think were fairies the other night and wondered aloud if the fairies know about the Miniatures?’

Sigrid McDonald

‘Willa talks about it often and tells me the whole story. She actually brought it up again a few days ago and said she hoped it would flood again so the miniatures would come back to visit ???? I’m very much hoping they can come again without that!!’

Holly Loveday

‘Darcy (5yo) loved it!  She enjoyed following the clues finding the hearts and the doors!  She talked about it for days after. Great idea. 

Vinessa Trikeriotis ​