This children’s show is a poetic metaphor for exploring differences. It’s an inclusive, playful journey, which invites children to create rainbows from opinionated primary colours. As they engage with this tale of transformation, their actions drive the story to a celebratory conclusion.

The story opens with primary colours Red, Blue and Yellow self-absorbed on their island kingdoms, refusing to mix. Each promotes the superior uniqueness of their colour to anyone who stops to listen.

Enter a white clad Sailor/Painter, searching the world for the marvellous diversity of colours that once filled her palette. She engages the children in a secret plan to mix the colours. First they must ‘win’ pieces of coloured cellophane from each Island. Then, together, they make magical colour wheels, without the primary colours realising what is happening.

With each new wheel, the power of the Island kingdoms diminishes. Red, Blue and Yellow slowly join everyone to imagine a more beautiful, brighter, world where all the colours mix in harmony . . . somewhere over the rainbow.